From Schools

While we will certainly connect you with our clients including those quoted below, we have included brief summaries of their experience working with our firm.

The DVD interviews were very helpful and because of the experience of the Consultant interviewing the candidates, the interviews gave a great deal of insight into the candidate. I can’t imagine doing the search any other way.
- Search Committee Member

The DVDs saved us time and money.
- Board Chair

I have been on a Search Committee before, but this was the best experience by far. It was nice to have so many people a part of the process.
- Parent Advisory Committee Member

Your summaries revealed a nationwide core of contacts who respected your ability to handle sensitive information and provide in-depth understanding of all candidates.
- Board Chair

I remember telling my committee that your firm was my first, second, and third choice. The search is now complete and all constituencies feel your service was exceptionally professional.
- Search Committee Chair

We consider ourselves extremely lucky to have gotten [our new head] and feel that we would not have made the initial contact with him if not for your network.
- Board Chair

I want to tell you that there has been a world of difference since we hired The Education Group to consult with our Board of Trustees.
- Head of School

We just completed a search using the services of The Education Group and could not be more satisfied with the thoroughness of their services or the quality of our finalists.
- Board President

We have received many compliments regarding the process of the search, and we credit our consultant for a superb job. Our consultant worked with the Board of Trustees and the Search Committee with professionalism and was always available to answer questions and aid us in any way.
- Board Member

It made a big difference having an experienced, successful head of school lead us through the search.
- Board Chair

From Candidates

The Education Group prides itself on treating its candidates with the same respect and responsiveness as it does its clients. We know that how candidates are treated reflects not only on our firm and our willingness of candidates to work with us, but ultimately the client school as well. Great candidates are willing to enter The Education Group searches because we never forget we are working with professional educators at an important moment in their lives.

Below are brief summaries of their experience working with our firm.

Throughout the past months, you have exhibited wonderful encouragement, both for the school and my candidacy. Your communications with me were regular, accurate, and certainly reassuring when one sometimes wonders about the next step in the process. Equally important, your professional tone instilled confidence. It had been my good fortune to have had the benefit of your firm’s services when I served as head of several other schools. I shall look forward to continuing those contacts.
- Candidate

I didn’t just get a chance to interview, I got a chance to grow professionally by being associated with this search.
- Candidate

I felt comfortable entering the search as a confidential candidate because I knew I could trust the consultants at The Education Group.
- Candidate

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